10 signs that you spend your life on wrong things !

Everyone meet different things, but there are some generally accepted things about how you should live your life. In a look at these 10 signs that will help you determine if you spend your time on a completely wrong things.

10 signs that you spend your life the wrong things

1. Often object 

Often appeal of the job, the boss, salary, friends or spouse? If the answer is yes, then it means that most of the time spreading negative energy. Negativity, nothing will change, but just do not move out of place. Therefore, difficult to change the mindset and more talk about things that you are grateful for in life, not what you do not want.

2. Do not feed your mind

If you do not develop as a person and learn new things, this means that stagnate, just as peaceful lake whose surface is produced green precipitate. Similarly it happens with your mind if you do not keep active and if you do new things. Positive challenges in life will expand your thoughts.

3. We often speak negatively about themselves

In fact, if they’re speaking with know you are not smart enough to get a promotion at work, you’re right. If we’re talking that you are too tired to change your life and then you’d be right. What you’re saying himself will become your reality. So, carefully choose the sentences because your life and your thoughts are the same.

4. Do not plan the future

It is always best to live in the present moment, but sometimes you have to look at the future and to understand in which direction you are moving. If you have no purpose or plan, then you are like a ship that floats aimlessly in the ocean, hoping to end up in a good place. You may not live that way. You can make a guide in your life, where you will develop plans that are ready to take you where you want to be.

5. Too much time you spend with people who do not contribute to your development

Very easily you happen to find yourself in the company of people who do not make you a good person. If you spend too much time with them, you will stagnate and they will withdraw them. They are also known as “energy vampires” that depleting your life and in turn do not provide anything positive. Therefore, try to be in the company of people with whom you have the opportunity to develop as individuals.

6. Dependent you from your mobile phone

Think about how much time you spend on the mobile phone and how it affects your relationships with others. If you send a message or browse the Internet whilst dinner with your family, then you’re missing the time they could spend it with loved ones persons or planning your future together.

7. spend money on trifles

There is a difference between need and desire, but many people already and do not distinguish this. They spend money on the latest technological accessories, cars, thereby shortening of their basic needs. If you stop and think about it, you realize that you do not need any bit of it. Food, water, roof overhead and love is what you need, and everything else is just a bonus. Therefore, think of what you spend your money and if you can make some changes. Perhaps part of the money you save for the future.

8. Do not sleep enough

Sleep is necessary to have good health. If you can not get enough sleep because you have too much work or simply want to stay awake until late at night, you need to change something in your habits.

9. Do you take care of your body

Balanced and healthy diet and exercise have many other beneficial effects besides losing weight. Healthy habits affect mental health, and that you feel better. Think about your diet and how you are physically active, so you may realize that some small changes can significantly improve your life.

10. Do not go out of your comfort zone

A life wisdom says that life begins when you leave your comfort zone. Therefore, take a risk that you think might improve your life. But keep in mind that before you saw the good things and all you came up good and reliable plan for treatment.