10 things you need to know about Cowboys punter Chris Jones, including his amazing skillset

Here are 10 things you need to know about Dallas Cowboys punter Chris Jones:

1) The basics

Chris Jones was born in Rome, Georgia on July 21st, 1989. He went to college at Carson-Newman, where he was a four-time starter and All-SAC performer.

He went undrafted in 2011 before signing with the Cowboys. He was actually cut before the season started but called upon after starter Matt McBriar suffered an injury. He wears jersey No. 6.

2) Lower the boom

With the entire nation watching on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions, Jones did something that’s considered out of his job description: He had a hit that was heard around the NFL world.

It ended up being one of the best moments of the season.

3) One amazing Sunday

Jones has proven to be quite the multitasker, balancing his job and personal life in amazing fashion. On one Sunday this past season, he helped the Cowboys beat the Baltimore Ravens, and then accompanied his wife, Sara, to an appointment to induce the birth of their first child.

That’s about as close to a perfect Sunday as one can get.

4) Timely wheels

Jones has proven to be an all-around athlete. He kicks the ball for a living, is capable of landing a big hit and can even run the ball when needed. That was evident in a game against the Eagles this past season when he took a snap on fourth-and-8 and ended up running 30 yards. The Cowboys won the game in overtime so it proved to be a crucial play in the game.

5) Camp hero

So Jones’ list of skills have already included tackling and running, in addition to his punting. Well, add throwing to the list too. He was the only player, a list that included quarterbacks Tony Romo and Dak Prescott, that could hit a famed Cowboys star logo emblazoned on a tower between the two practice fields from about 20 yards out.

He was a high school quarterback so it shouldn’t be a complete surprise but still, impressive stuff.

6) Victim of the jumbotron

In a preseason game in 2013, Jones became the first Dallas Cowboy ever to hit the jumbotron inside AT&T Stadium. The results weren’t pretty though, because he had to re-kick and the Cincinnati Bengals took the second chance to the house.

But it was just preseason, so it’s okay.

7) Playing more defense

A couple years after having the odd distinction of being the first Cowboy to hit the jumbotron, Jones earned himself another title that you won’t find anywhere else in the Cowboys rich history books. He became the first punter in franchise history to recover a fumble during the return of one of his own punts.

8) Left or right?

Jones basically does it all, even when it comes to left or right. He punts with his left foot. He writes with his left hand. And he shoots a gun with his left hand (he’s an avid hunter). However, he golfs with his right hand; he throws with his right hand; and he shoots a bow and arrow with his right hand.

9) More than one special teams position

So what are we up to now? Throwing, punting, running and tackling? Let’s add one more skill to the list.

According to DallasCowboys.com, Jones actually began his football career as a child as a long snapper because nobody else was able to do it on the team.

10) Living lowkey

Often times, being in professional sports comes with a spotlight. Add being in the NFL, and then being on the Cowboys, and the spotlight can be pretty bright. However, punters don’t get too much recognition and according to dallascowboys.com, Jones wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’d almost rather it be that way, than people to say, ‘Oh, that’s so-and-so, he plays for the Cowboys,” Jones says. “I’d just rather things be genuine with people I meet or talk to.”

Jones said the only place people really recognize him is when he goes back to his hometown in Georgia.