Eminem New Album To Be Released ?
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As of now, Eminem has not confirmed the release date of his upcoming album although he confirmed on Twitter that he is working on a new one.

The Rap God artist, Eminem is allegedly releasing his new album. Reports also suggest that he will be including a song about his rumored daughter.

Headlines & Global News recently reported that Eminem is going to release his new album in 2017. The Stan rapper might also include a song about his rumored daughter named Haley. According to the report, a few weeks ago, a woman named Haley claimed that she was Eminem’s daughter. She also stated that she is carrying baby Jesus in her womb as she guested on the Dr. Phil TV show.

Haley then revealed that she was suffering paranoid schizophrenia. Despite all of her revelations in the show, Haley’s mom named Kris unveiled that her daughter is a compulsive liar.

The “Slim Shady” rapper has not given any comments on the recent statements of the young woman. However, it does not mean that the “Cleaning Out My Closet” rapper is not going to sing a song about the young woman and her allegations in his upcoming album.

According to a report from Aussie Network News, Eminem continues to gain the respect of his fans and listeners, which is an important aspect behind his success in the music industry.

Rumors also suggested that Eminem will be featuring a song to tribute his bestfriend, Proof who was gunned down in motown 10 years ago. The song is allegedly entitled “You’re Never Over.”

Eminem’s new album called “Success” is expected to be a hit and critics reportedly claimed that the upcoming album will break all of his records in the past. The world has always heard Eminem talking and singing about his struggles in the past and also the story of success.

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