6-year-old Alex wrote a letter to Obama in which he invites Omran boy from Syria in the family


Startling photograph of Omran Daknesh, 5-year-old Syrian boy whose home was hit by an air attack serves as a reminder of the horrors prevailing in there in the civil war.

Video of Omran holding on to the person who pulled from the rubble quickly spread through social networks, and startling photograph in which he is sitting at the end of the ambulance, confused, covered in dust and blood.

Among the people who saw the pictures of Omran and Alex, 6-year-old from Scarsdale, New York.

Alex was so struck by what he saw, he decided to write a letter to President Obama to invite Omran to live with his family. ” Please take it and bring it to my house,” Alex wrote in his letter. “We will become family and he will be our brother.”

This week, Obama read the letter to Alex as part of a speech he gave at the summit for refugees in New York, held by the United Nations. Obama praised Alex, telling the world that he is a great example of humanity to which children are capable of. According to him, Alex is a boy who has not yet learned to be cynical, doubtful or afraid of other people because of their birthplace, the way you look or how to pray. The White House then announced video by Alex who reads his letter and received an amazing response.

This video has already reached over 15 million views and prompted many emotional comments. In its 5th year, the war in Syria destroyed metropolis Aleppo – the hometown of Omran, the center of the crisis of refugees, and large number of historical places that were there. The war created an incredible humanitarian crisis. 4.8 million Syrians are refugees.

Other 6.5 million are displaced somewhere within the country, and 13.5 million are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. See the original message and feel the love and care in this small child. the-letter-from-6-years-boy-to-obama