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8 Famous Celebrities Try to ‘Hurt’ Donald Trump. Here’s a Better Idea: BOYCOTT Them All
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A handful of celebrities promised to leave America if Donald Trump won the election, but they are still here, and now even more are finding ways to disrespect our incoming president.

Perhaps these eight celebrities snubbing the 45th U.S. president can pack their bags like many others promised to and stop annoying those of us looking forward to seeing the country become great, free, and prosperous again now that a true leader is assuming the Oval Office.

Number 1 – Celine Dion was reportedly invited to sing at Trump’s inauguration, but she declined. Dion cited a prior singing gig in Las Vegas as her reason for skipping the opportunity to perform for an American president.

Number 2 – Elton John also turned down the chance for the biggest spotlight of his career. Exactly why the “Rocket Man” singer opted out is not yet clear. His publicist only confirmed his absence and did not give a reason for turning down the invitation, the Daily Caller reports.

Number 3 – Garth Brooks is perhaps the biggest shocker on the list. His heartland fan base loves Donald Trump and voted for him in overwhelming numbers. The country singer has perhaps placed too much emphasis on the crossover appeal he is trying to enhance to give his career a much needed second wind.


 Number 4– Kiss was also reportedly asked to perform but turned down the offer. It appears the 70s rock band was already booked into a tour gig elsewhere. “I think people should get over it and move on,” lead singer Gene Simmons tweeted about Trump’s win. “He’s our president, and that’s it. End of story.”

Number 5 – Andrea Bocelli reportedly said yes but then changed his answer to no. Bocelli is said to have faced backlash from fans and others after the public learned he was going to sing during Trump’s inauguration.

Number 6 – One member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir reportedly quit the prestigious group after she learned they were going to perform at Trump’s inauguration. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has performed for presidential swearing in ceremonies in the past.

Number 7 – It is difficult to believe that the widespread rumors about Katy Perry being invited to perform for Donald Trump are true, but nevertheless, it has been confirmed she will not be on stage on January 20. Perry was an ardent supporter of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Number 8 – David Foster has stated he was “invited to participate and politely declined.” Well… at least he engaged in unpatriotic behavior politely.

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