The kidneys are important organs. Their main task is to maintain the correct water-salt balance in the body and to ensure every day, by means of their functional units, the nephrons, the purification of the blood of waste products through the ‘urine.
Being fundamental for the maintenance of vital functions, it is a good thing not intoxicate the kidneys with bad habits and lifestyles unruly uncontrollably. Do not mess with the health and be careful to the welfare of your body can give you a long and healthy life. If you do not take care of yourself, everything is lost and poisoned your body with toxic substances. There is no doubt, a clean kidney is healthier and more efficient!
But how to keep their kidneys healthy and how you can purify it in a natural way? First you need to best treat their diet, avoiding ingesting too much animal protein and excess fat.

1. Say YES to blended fruit and vegetables
Drink natural fruit juices made from vegetables centrifuged give new vigor to your kidneys which cleanse themselves from bad waste. As for the juice, an important role was especially blueberry and pomegranate. These two fruits are truly a gold mine. They besides being rich in antioxidants, improve help prevent kidney stones. The blueberries are rich in quinine, a substance that becomes hippuric acid in the liver, consequently favoring the expulsion of toxins. Fruit should integrate centrifuged or vegetable juices made with cold press, preferring carrot, beetroot and celery: just go prepared hired to get as many nutrients assimilable by the body.

2. Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption and abuse of chocolate
This is because such items are to intoxicate your kidneys to reduce its ability to function. Drink lots of water, 2 liters a day will be fine and will promote kidney activities.

3. Say YES to herbal teas, especially if based fennel, ginger or nettle
These herbs are particularly suitable for the purification and detoxification of toxins. Avoid the ‘toxic buildup and promote diuresis. Precisely in this way you will eliminate everything that is not conducive to the proper functioning of the kidneys.

4. Eat plenty of fruits
Priority be given to fruit that contains a lot of potassium because it will help you clean the kidneys. Excellent for detoxification are:
Even milk and yogurt are other foods that contain a lot of potassium. Include these fruits in your diet will help to maintain the level of electrolytes in the blood, which will cause the kidneys to work at their best. A glass of grape juice drunk every day in the morning or in the afternoon is ideal to eliminate excess uric acid, a byproduct of the kidney filtration.

5. Make physical activity
Physical activity is vital to guarantee us the proper functioning of our bodies in general. Improves circulation, strengthens bones and muscles, gives us strength and psychic physical health. Make the move every day and regularly is important because it also helps the proper functioning of the kidneys and of ‘urinary tract favoring the elimination of toxins.

6. Say YES to natural remedies as TOOTH of Lion
But what is it specifically? The tooth of lion is an herb used as a food preservative in many foods. And ‘rich in potassium and has a diuretic, so it helps to remove excess water from the body. Thanks to its purifying, you can take supplements with tooth of lion to purify the kidneys.

7. Use Tribulus Terrestris
It is an Ayurvedic supplement that improves the health of the kidneys and brings benefit to those who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. It helps to maintain a stable flow of urine and relaxes the urinary membranes, reducing pain and inflammation. Also, it has antibiotic properties and fights bladder infections. One capsule Tribulus terrestris can be taken once or twice a day to help renal function.

Drastically moderate and be careful to do not abuse of meat.
The protein-rich foods are harmful because when they are digested and metabolized produce the highest level of toxins and waste, including creatinine. If the creatinine levels rise, the kidneys will have problems to filter and eliminate toxins. For this reason it is necessary to eat less protein.