ALARMING Find Made In Texas Muslim’s Car, Cops Excuse It With 2 DISGUSTING Words

Texas police did not arrest these Muslim parents who left their eight-month-old child in a car while they went to watch a movie. The disgusting excuse?

“Cultural sensitivity” was the officers’ reasoning, via Mad World News. While the officers have now said their response to the crime was “incorrectly represented,” the initial officer seemed to be pretty clear on his excuse. Judge his words for yourself.

Speaking to 3K News, one officer said, “The family is from Saudi Arabia, and they said that this is culturally acceptable for them, that that’s normal.” When pressed by the interviewer, the officer said if the crime had been committed by an American, the result “may have been very different.”

Indeed, the officers who first arrived at the scene did not press charges. Luckily, they also found the child unharmed and found the parents, who had their other four-year-old child in tow, in the theater.

It doesn’t matter if the parents thought they were doing nothing wrong. Ignorance of the law is no excuse regardless of what country you are from. You are in America now!

After initial reports about this incident went out, the police department seemed to correct the officer’s first decision.

They sent out Lt. Charles Hooper to release further details about the case. He explained that Child Protective Services is now involved with the family.

Further, he explained that the parents are facing charges of child abandonment and child endangerment. This could amount to two years in jail and/or a $10,000 fine presumably for both parents, a 29-year-old father and a 17-year-old mother. Speaking of which, this 17-year-old mother has a four-year-old child? There’s another crime I think this Muslim man needs to be held accountable for.


It seems that at least Lt. Hooper has a good head on his shoulders. The officer added, “I teach multiculturalism in the police academy, but in no way do their values from another country or their cultural idiosyncrasies afford them the right to break laws in our country.”

It seems that the multiculturalism classes in the police academy have gone too far for some officers. It is an individual’s responsibility to know the laws of whatever country he or she travels to. It is also an individual’s responsibility to adjust to the culture of his or her new home.

If Muslims can’t follow our laws, they should be arrested on the spot. And if they have no intention of adjusting to our culture and only claiming special ignorance whenever they commit a crime or a social faux pas, I suggest they leave.

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