Andrew Fifita hits out at racist attack

NRL star Andrew Fifita has taken to Instagram to respond to a Queensland pub after he felt they racially vilified his family in a dress-up competition.

Kallangur Tavern posted a photo to their Facebook page, which showed a patron dressed in New South Wales State of Origin supporter gear, with a childlike dummy strapped to her back, with a black mask.

The Tavern announced in a Facebook post that they had crowned this supporter their best dressed supporter. The post read: “Our best dressed tonight is this Blues supporter…..carrying Andrew Fifitas (sic) daughter on her back.”

Fifita was quick to respond to the Tavern for what he perceived to be a racial attack on his family, issuing a strong reply on Instagram.

“This is f****,” Fifita wrote. What business presents people awards for being racist and discriminating. I’m all for people shaming me, but when you involve my family, it’s personal now.

“This is so wrong on all levels. I will be in Brisbane soon and I will be going past your pub to see you personally.”

Instagram post from Andrew Fifita in response.

“I spoke to Andrew Fifita a short time ago, he wants a public apology,” Weidler said. “He wants to front the people at the tavern, so they can see the hurt that has been caused to him and his family.”

Facebook group Blackfulla Revolution were the first to bring the post to the public’s attention, in a post on June 22.

They also shared a screengrab of a comment received from the Tavern, in response to Blackfulla Revolution sharing the photo.

“We are extremely disappointed and in no ways accept this as standard,” the Tavern replied. “We removed this immediately, and apologise profusely for any offence taken as this was never the intention.”

It is understood the woman pictured in the photo did not intend for her costume to be considered racial in any form, and was incorrectly interpreted by the Tavern.

A closer look at the competition winner's costume.

A closer look at the competition winner’s costume.Source:Supplied

Fifita will be in Brisbane next weekend to prepare for the third State of Origin match on July 12. attempted to reach the Tavern for comment, but they did not respond to calls.