“Bad Blue Boys” attacked fans of Juve, there are wounded in Zagreb

dinamo zagreb fanc clashesDinamo Zagreb after a six-year boycott today returned to the stadium “Maksimir” for the match with Juventus, but during the day and made a number of problems. The fans of both teams had a close encounter, in which the media from Croatia and wounded on both sides.

Stadium tonight in Zagreb should have about 2,000 fans of the "old lady", and as some of them were attacked without reason by 50 enraged fans of Dinamo Zagreb.
For the first time after years of Dinamo Zagreb, "Bad Blue Boys" returned to "Maksimir" and made a nice setting and koreoggrafija. But then they emphasized choreography which clearly showed what they thought of the case Mamic:
48950-bed-blu-bo juve-fansjuve-fans-attacked-in-zagreb-by-dinamo-fans
"We have at least 280 million reasons we want elections Dinamo Zagreb," was the great banner of Dinamo Zagreb.
For years, "bluu Bad Boys" did not attend the matches of their favorite club, they want a complete change of rakovodechkite structures of the club, especially striking is the war with Zdravko Mamic, the vice president of Dinamo Zagreb. Dinamo Zagreb entered into conflict with rival Juventus fans before the match in the Croatian capital. Juventus celebrated with 0-4 in a duel with the champion of Croatia.