Ben Elias hammers Tigers boss Marino Go

Ben Elias loves the Tigers and he’s fuming at the direction the club is heading.

In an appearance on NRL 360 on Wednesday, the Balmain and NSW hooker took aim at current Wests Tigers bosses Justin Pascoe and Marina Go.

Elias highlighted a recent Daily Telegraph poll in which readers voted the Tigers as the most likely NRL club to relocate.

In response to the poll, Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe hit back, saying the club isn’t going anywhere. 

That’s where Elias stepped in. 

“On the back page you can clearly see, ‘Defiant Tigers boss hits back – we are not going anywhere,'” Elias said, reading out Pascoe’s statement in the  Telegraph.

“I can’t believe how right he is. Because we’ve been going nowhere. We haven’t been going anywhere, we’ve been going nowhere.

“We’re at the bottom of the ladder and that is our balance sheet for the business world. 

“Our scoreboard is our balance sheet and at the moment we are dead last.” 

Elias listed a number of players who had left the club and said the rot starts in the front office, taking aim at chairperson Marina Go. 

“It all starts at the top,” he said.  

“They only go because of the administration. 

“The chairperson Marina Go, I’ve said many a time, I can’t believe that that lady’s there still.

“She has done nothing that I can see from a business or financial acumen.

“And from a league point of view, I can’t see an iota of what she’s done for our great club.”

It’s not the first time Elias has had a crack at Go.

He called for her removal back in March after the club sacked coach Jason Taylor. 

“We are paying for every second of it and it’s killing us,” he said of Go’s appointment.