Bob Murphy believes AFL season, pre-season are too long

Western Bulldogs captain Bob Murphy thinks a complete overhaul of the AFL season should be undertaken, believing it would benefit the game in the years to come.

Murphy said that the season is too long and it should be shortened.

At the moment each team plays 22 games, playing each side once. Murphy said that this system was outdated and needed refining.

“That’s what I would have thought, that’s how I feel and have felt for quite a while,” Murphy said on SEN on Wednesday, when asked if the season was too long.

“Twenty-two games is just a long time. To play everyone once, every game would be a big event. I think it has some appeal.”

Murphy has long held the view that a shorter pre-season would also assist.

“I couldn’t be more supportive of that,” Murphy said of changing the pre-season training regime.

Murphy is adamant that starting a pre-season campaign in January would be far more beneficial than the current structure.


“The calendar is old fashioned. You guys [Garry Lyon and Tim Watson] would play and then not do anything, where you would need the whole pre-season to get fit. Guys don’t let themselves go anymore. We don’t need a six-month pre-season anymore,” he said.

Murphy said he was still undecided on whether he will play on in 2018, and that personal fitness and the fortunes of the Bulldogs will play a part in his decision.

Murphy missed out on being a part of the Western Bulldogs’ remarkable grand final success last year after a serious knee injury.

This week the Western Bulldogs are pitted against Essendon in another important game if the club are to make the finals this season.

Last round, the Bulldogs kept their September hopes alive after beating Gold Coast by 54 points in Cairns.

Currently the Bulldogs are 10th on the ladder, with Essendon in eighth. Both sides have 36 points, but Essendon have superior percentage.