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BOOM! Liberals Are LOSING IT After What Trump Just Told China. Is He Right?
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Donald Trump keeps showing he’s entirely different than his predecessor, recently firing out a tweet talking tough on China and its handling of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Trump told China they continue take plenty of money out of the United States, but they do not do much to quell North Korea’s goal of acquiring a nuclear weapon. This is truly a bipartisan concern.

Of course, China is now upset, and they are claiming that their dedication to preventing a North Korean nuclear weapon is “obvious to all.” However, the state run Global Times tabloid went a step further.

 They claimed the next president was “pandering to irresponsible attitudes” and was simply attempting to reinforce “the anxieties of some Americans,” as per NBC News. In a sense, the Global Times is passing the buck because they are blaming Trump instead of looking inward.

There is no question that Beijing has frequently condemned North Korea’s nuclear activities. They feel they have some clout because they are a main ally of North Korea and help their economy, but there is one small problem with this argument.

Even a defense secretary as incompetent as Ash Carter can see that it’s all rubbish. He said that China allowed the testing to get as far as it did in the first place, via CNBC. Of course, even with that accusation, all China’s defense ministry could do was engage in finger-pointing.

“The cause and crux of the Korean nuclear issue rests with the U.S. rather than China,” said Spokesperson Hua Chunying. Hua was responding to Carter’s assertion, yet Ash was not having any of it.

“It’s China’s responsibility,” he said to Reuters. “China has and shares an important responsibility for this development and has an important responsibility to reverse it.”

Thus, to answer the question, yes. Donald Trump is right. I guess politics can sometimes make strange bedfellows, but the most convincing evidence comes from Ash Carter.

If even someone from the Obama administration can agree that China should do more, then the proof is in the pudding. There is still one main difference. Carter might say something needs to be done, but at the end of the day all he is going to do is sit on his hands.

Trump’s cabinet, on the other hand, is going to get some things done and force China’s hand. It is in absolutely no one’s interest for North Korea to attain nuclear capability, but we can count on Trump to act instead of engaging in needless finger-pointing.

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