BOOM! Trump Just Got a HUGE Gift NO ONE Saw Coming

President Donald Trump’s success with foreign leaders has defied expectations and so has his success in creating jobs. The two just combined!

The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, will offer President Trump an economic cooperation deal, which is projected to create 700,000 American jobs, via Japan News.

No negotiation necessary on this one, Mr. President. It already looks good to me.

Abe is expected to visit the White House on February 10, at which time he plans to formally propose the deal to Trump. It will consist of a $450 billion investment in American infrastructure.

You know what that means — jobs for constructions workers, steel workers, engineers, and better roads and bridges for us all.

A draft of the proposal also includes investments in research, including artificial intelligence, space technology, and cyber technology.

This is the second piece of good news the people at NASA have received since Trump’s inauguration. Trump is dedicated to turning the organization’s focus back to space exploration and research.

Japan is also interested in train and subway technology. The proposal suggests adding a high-speed railway in the northeast of our country and replacing many of our train and subway cars with models that make use of new technology.

Speaking of new technology, Japan also wants to collaborate on power production, including gas-powered generators and nuclear power. As a more specialized proposal, Japan also wants to share their love of all things robots.

The country leads the world in robotics research and wants to collaborate to design models for use in medicine, including surgery and diagnosis, nuclear power plants, and inspecting broken or old bridges and buildings.

The last bit of good news, but not the least, is that Japan is also, reportedly, on board with President Trump’s concerns about China’s currency manipulations. They appear to be on board with laying down new trade rules surrounding the production of materials, such as steel and aluminum.

Liberals who were depressed about the end of the TPP will hopefully feel more optimistic about our trade future. Clearly, making nation-to-nation deals can be highly beneficial.

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