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BOOM! Trump Just Humiliated Obama With 10 Short Words. It’s PERFECT.
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This proves Trump will make a great president!

Donald Trump is showing the American people he doesn’t plan to be the “celebrity-in-chief” like President Obama was. He’s just trying to do right by this country.

“I don’t want the celebrities and I want the people,” President-elect Donald Trump stated on Fox News, with the inauguration just days away.

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With liberal celebrities claiming they would never perform for Trump’s inauguration (some without even being asked) and pretending to be above the rest of us, Trump has shown that he couldn’t care less about them.

 To Donald Trump, it’s not about who shows up to perform and create entertainment for the people attending the inauguration. It’s all about the American people.

Trump wants the people to be there, not the celebrities. He wants the people who voted for him to be there and to watch him become the 45th president of the United States. This is a proud moment for him, and it should be to his supporters because we worked hard to get him elected!

Of course, this inauguration will not be all joy and celebration, especially because of the liberals who will be present with their hearts set on protesting and trying to ruin this day as much as they possibly can—as if it will change anything.

This election has shown the seedy underbelly of the Democrat party and how corrupt and hateful they truly are. They preach “acceptance” and “love,” yet they are some of the most hateful individuals I have ever met.

They refuse to recognize Trump as their president, refuse to get on board, and merely want to go to the inauguration to boo him as he’s getting sworn in. If Hillary Clinton was elected, no Republican and conservative would have acted this way.

We wouldn’t have liked the fact that she was the president—because she’s a crook and a liar—but we would have accepted it and dealt with the weight of the next four years of continued Democrat leadership with patience. Because that’s what you do.

But, apparently, that’s not something liberals can do. They would rather pout and scream and stomp their feet like children than accept Donald Trump as the next president and move on with their lives.

Despite what the liberals will try to do to take this victory away from the American people, Donald Trump was elected by proud Americans who sought to make this country great again. I don’t care what it takes, but Trump is being sworn in this week, and he will work to drain the swamp and improve American lives. He is doing this for us, and we should support him!

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