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BOOM! Trump’s Newest ORDER Sent BABY-KILLERS Into a Frenzy. They’re Melting Down!
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It has been less than two days since Trump was sworn into office and he is already taking Liberal ideology to task in a powerful way.

Trump has an executive order under his pen that bars international organizations from receiving government aid if they promote abortions, via Foreign Policy. In a nutshell, Trump is reinstating what is called the “Mexico City Policy.”

This is great news but not necessarily surprising. When every Republican administration first gets into office, they re-instate the policy. Thus, when President George W Bush was in office, he re-instated the policy. Likewise, when a Democrat president gets in office they roll it back.

The Mexico City Policy also makes it possible for President Trump to strip funding from the United Nations Population Fund and the U.N. Refugee Agency simply because these international organizations can and do promote abortions at various times.

When combined with the Hyde Amendment, the Mexico City policy makes it near impossible for international organizations to obtain aid from the United States. It is a godsend for conservatives and a disaster for liberals. Predictably, liberals are upset, claiming that the reproductive rights of women and girls will no longer be valued.

Interesting. Last time I checked, the same liberals are not concerned about the rights of the unborn. These same liberals are not concerned about the many female unborn babies who continue to be aborted with the help of these organizations. What about their rights?

Of course, these liberals have a comeback for that. They claim these babies are just “clumps of cells” which are not valuable. Luckily, for us, we now have a president who will fight for the rights of the unborn.

We have a president who isn’t going to just pay lip service to the ideals that this country is founded upon. We don’t have a president who had Marxists influencing him in his formative years.

But, people need to realize that the mark of a free country is one that allows everyone to have a say. The mark of a communist country is one where all rights of common people are devalued, and evils such as abortion rule the day.

We were headed that way with Barack Obama, and would have been even worse under Hillary Clinton. Don’t be fooled by her gender — Clinton does not care about anyone’s rights, not women or the unborn!

The day that Trump was elected was definitely a victory for the rights of ordinary people, including those who are still in the womb. It’s morning in America.

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