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BREAKING – Senate Gives Obama GIANT One-Finger Salute
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Barack Obama is still our sitting president for a few days, but the Republicans don’t care anymore!

Michael Enzri (R-WY) has just introduced a budget resolution to the Senate which allows Congress to repeal Obamacare with a simple majority! This is part of the bill’s “reconciliation process,” and it could be law next week if all goes smoothly! (via Vox)

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This is a genius move by Republicans in the Senate because the budget reconciliation process cannot be filibustered. This means the Democrats will have no ability to block the repeal of Obamacare.

In fact, thanks to the strong Senate We the People gave to the Republicans, not even every Republican needs to vote to repeal Obamacare.

The motion would pass with only 50 of the Republicans’ 52 votes in the Senate. It would pass in the House without 24 of the Republicans’ votes!

I’m sure though that the motion will get all Republican votes from the House and Senate and probably a handful from the Democrats as well. It’s no secret Obamacare has been a disaster.

In fact, our Republican representatives have been working up to this devastating move against Obama for some time. Last year, the Republicans passed a bill, Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, in order to allow the budget resolution process to affect several financial elements of Obamacare.

The tax increases from Obamacare can be knocked out, along with the requirement to purchase Obamacare, the medicaid expansion, and its insurance subsidies.

Some elements of the law can’t be repealed through the budget process because they don’t involve financial matters. However, these are largely elements President-elect Donald Trump wanted to keep anyway!

The requirement for insurers to cover people under 26, and to cover some people with pre-existing conditions, will not be repealed along with the financial elements of Obamacare. How efficient!

I’m so pleased that the Republicans aren’t waiting for Obama to be officially out of office before they get to work dismantling his mistakes! It looks like our politicians are going to get a lot of work done over the next four years!

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