CATS : We are not dead yet, write us off at your peril

The football world had underestimated Geelong all year and had now jumped off the Cats too quickly after one bad final, Geelong president Colin Carter said, issuing a warning that his Cats were “not dead yet”.

Adopting the terminology of the stock market, Carter said the Cats had been “over-sold” in reaction to the loss to the Tigers last week, falling into an annual trap of jumping off the losing qualifying finalists.

“I think we are continually under the radar … people were surprised with where we finished. We did finish second top of the ladder for a reason,” he said.

“It was not a good one the other night – we know that – but we have played good football this year and we have not put in two bad ones in a row so we believe we are entitled to be there and will give a good account of ourselves. Sydney is a tough opponent but we have played good football this year and we go in confident.

“In stock-market terminology, I think we have been over-sold after Friday night.

“Footy is a week-to-week business. We understand that, but the reality is if you look at pundits and the betting markets – which I don’t like – but they tended to put us about the fifth or sixth side, so I think where we finished up surprised people. We have beaten every other side in the eight, except Sydney. 

“The community at large has written us off but that’s OK. It would be silly to think you can persuade those people, or that you need to. We prefer to go in the underdog, though Sydney are not going to fall for that with a person like Tom Harley there as football manager.”

Carter reminded that the Cats’ best football this year was capable of beating any side and one bad final did not define a season.

“Every team has a bad-hair day,” he said. “We are not dead yet, far from it. People have been very quick to jump off and decide our finals are over, but we are very much alive in this campaign and we go in confident that our guys will acquit themselves well this week.”

Carter praised the fact the Geelong coaches and football department had rebuilt the list while remaining in the top bracket of teams. He said there were six players from the 2011 premiership side still in the team that was playing to be in the preliminary final.

“We deserve to be in there having a go. It’s not a fluke.”