Chicago Cubs News: Hatred isn’t the norm; Arrieta’s potential deal
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There’s been plenty of talk about how the Chicago Cubs will become the “hatable winners”. Sure, there will be a few who feel that way–most on the South Side–but not many.

The Chicago Cubs had a long history of losing. There were a few good years mixed in, but they all ended with the Cubs losing the last game. For Cubs fans, this is a burden they will no longer have to bear. But now there’s talk about the Cubs becoming a “hateable team”? Is this even possible? I guess when you start talking about a potential dynasty, I can see where the animosity can come from. But the overall feeling about the Cubs is far from hate.

Recently, Jake Arrieta gave Cubs’ fans a little bit of hope that he could sign an extension with them. Our Tim Stebbins took a look at why the Cubs offering him a three-year deal would be fair to both sides. His performance presents one standard, while his age may present another. So a three-year deal would split the difference for both sides and hopefully make everyone happy.

Following the World Series, while it should have been excitement and celebrations, a few players weren’t very happy with their roles in the postseason. Aroldis Chapman was one and to an extent, I could understand. But Miguel Montero I could not. The man still had two of the most CLUTCH hits in the playoff run–and still complained. It’s probably time for him to quietly accept his role.


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