The Dallas Cowboys must re-sign these five free agents
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With the first week of free agency over, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t made any big splashes. The Cowboys must re-sign these five unrestricted free agents.

While the Dallas Cowboys deal with the Tony Romo sweepstakes, the organization has been quiet in the free agency market.

Though, this comes as no surprise. Romo is on the books for $24.7 million in salary cap coin. In 2017, his base salary alone is $14 million.

And while the Cowboys have lost some players to other teams, they’ve also signed and re-signed some players too.

Dallas won’t have to look into this year’s draft to fill out any wide receiver needs. Brice Butler is returning on a one-year deal ($1.1 million). Dallas native, Terrance Williams is also returning to his number two spot behind Dez Bryant on a four-year contract ($17 million).

But the Cowboys lost some veterans too.

Safeties Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox are both taking their talents south to Florida. And while the pair aren’t exactly the LeBron James-types in the NFL secondary, the Cowboys must now sort through job applications.

In fact, the secondary isn’t the only spot the Cowboys should be concerned about. Luckily, the Cowboys have some familiarity with some of the free agents out there.

Here are five unrestricted free agents the Dallas Cowboys must bring back to Big D.


1. Yes to quarterback Kellen Moore.

Goodbye Mark Sanchez. Thanks for everything. Wait…

With Kellen Moore’s familiarity with the Cowboys’ system and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, his services in Dallas are needed.

Moore was part of the quarterback squad who helped groomed Dak Prescott into the starter he is today. Moore, who turns 28 in July, hasn’t started a game since 2015.

The six-foot quarterback is entering his sixth season as a pro. The Cowboys like him. The coaches like him. And so far, he doesn’t have any butt fumble problems.

Somebody show him where to sign (with Dallas that is).

2. Yes to running back Darren McFadden.

With the Cowboys looking to possibly deal Alfred Morris via a trade, Dallas needs to refill the running back cabinet.

Both Lance Dunbar and Darren McFadden are unrestricted free agents.

McFadden, who turns 30 in August, showed some flash last season. In three games, he carried the ball 24 times for 87 yards. The running back’s durability is still a concern.

But McFadden’s skill set is a perfect supplement to starter Ezekiel Elliott — if he can stay on the field.

Somebody take his iPhone away, and give that man a pen. If the Cowboys can get him back for a fair price, the deal should be a no-brainer.


3. Yes to linebacker Rolando McClain.

I know.

And while the Cowboys won’t likely bring back the middle linebacker, hear me out. With reports that Jaylon Smith’s nerves aren’t firing as they’d hope, there is a cause for concern.

Instead of just sitting on hope, which the team should be doing anyways, the Cowboys could take some action and bring back McClain, who turns 28 in July.

Again, I get it: This isn’t likely to come to fruition. McClain might not even want to play to begin with, but it wouldn’t hurt either the Cowboys or the linebacker if they could find some of that 2014 magic.

Is the former first rounder worth the headache? Well, that depends. In the past, the Cowboys were able to maximize his value with a favorable contract. Can the Cowboys’ brass do it again in 2017 while second rounder Smith heals?

4. Yes to defensive back  Morris Claiborne.

Goodbye Brandon Carr.

With the NFC East stacking up at the wide receiver spot, the Cowboys have to go big and strong at the cornerback spot. Sure, a little help from the defensive front is welcome. But that was always  general manager Jerry Jones’ intent anyways.

While the Cowboys search for their war daddy, America’s Team could do the secondary a favor by signing back Mo Claiborne.

Though the 27-year-old has only started 18 games the last two years, his services at the cornerback spot didn’t go unnoticed last year.

The former first rounder played with a chip on his shoulder, helping the defense with some fearless play. Claiborne had 26 combined tackles and one interception in seven starts last season.

The Cowboys held their own when he went down with an injury, but the team overall was better when he suited up.

How about another one-year prove it deal, Mr. Claiborne?


5. Yes to linebacker Justin Durant.

Goodbye Rolando McClain? Goodbye Justin Durant? No.

The Dallas Cowboys should re-sign both.

Heck, throw in DeMarcus Ware too and forget the retirement party.

Durant, who turns 32 in September, proved his value as veteran last season.

In 13 games, Durant had 37 tackles, one sack and three pass deflections.

While not starter material by any means, the former second rounder has provided depth at the linebacker spot over the years, and his contributions weren’t forgotten.

With the Cowboys in the hunt this NFL Draft for cornerbacks, pass rushers and perhaps, safeties, the five players above still have a lot left in the tank.

Why sort through applications when a team can hire from within?

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