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Donald Trump to continue using Twitter because it’s ‘funny’ his tweets become breaking news
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Donald Trump has said he’ll keep his original Twitter account. 

US President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to continue using Twitter throughout his presidency, and has said it’s “funny” how his tweets become breaking news.

In an interview with former British Justice Secretary Michael Gove,  Mr Trump explained how he communicates with his 20.1 million Twitter followers, Business Insider reports.

Instead of writing the tweets himself, Mr Trump said he usually has “one or two people” typing what he dictates.

The President-elect said he’ll continue to tweet during his time as President because he’s “covered so dishonestly by the press”.

“They can’t do much when you tweet it and I’m careful about, it’s very precise,” he said.

“It comes out breaking news…it’s funny.”

Mr Trump also said he will continue to use his personal Twitter account, among other social media accounts, during his presidency.

He has about 46 million followers across all social media platforms and he says he will maintain his original accounts because “it’s working”.

Traditionally, US presidents have a designated Twitter account, with the tag @POTUS.

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