What on earth has happened at Warrington Wolves?
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Looking back at Warrington Wolves’ dominant performance in the World Club Challenge against Brisbane Broncos when they defeated the NRL side, it seems bizarre that they are in this predicament, writes Craig Murdock.

I remember saying after that match last month that if they replicated that display throughout the year there was no chance they wouldn’t make the top two – and even win the Grand Final. That game was obviously before round two of the season and now five weeks on they still don’t have any points from six matches.

They have gone from one of the best British performances in a long while to not being able to string two passes together. I think their Grand Final hopes have arguably gone already. They only lost eight matches last season and fourth-placed St Helens lost just ten over the 30 rounds. They are probably going to have to go the next 15 rounds with maybe only one or two defeats. I think the competition is far too evenly balanced for that now.

It’s the thing they always say with a good team. The more defeats they have in a row the closer they are to a victory. It’s going to be a really difficult game for Hull FC this week and Lee Radford is going to know that Warrington are hurting. For Hull it’s a key contest in many ways. If they win, they are arguably ending Warrington’s top-four hopes for good.

They won’t be complacent because when you look down the team list at the Wolves, there is still bags of quality there. It’s hard to understand why they are where they are, but one of the issues for them is confidence. They do seem to have lost it and they’ve been struggling to find their confidence. But Warrington still remain a side that is far too good to be down there at the bottom of the table for too long.

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