Emmitt Smith: Cowboys three-peat in the 1990s with Jimmy Johnson ‘was a forgone conclusion’ before he left ( video )

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith was recently on Undeniable with Joe Buck to talk about his long career. Here are some highlights:

After the Cowboys’ Super Bowl wins in 1992 and 1993, Emmitt Smith thought a run at a three-peat ‘was a foregone conclusion.’ That was before head coach Jimmy Johnson parted ways with Dallas.

Buck: What if Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones could have gotten along and coexisted? How many could we have won? Is that how you look back on it?

Smith: Yeah, I do. Could we have won four in a row? Perhaps, perhaps. But I have to look at myself and I think we as players have to look at ourselves too because we had the tools, offense never changed, offense stayed the same, our defense stayed the same. Yes, our head coach had left, but our head coach had left us with a lot of great tools. How to be focused. How to work hard. How to compete. And that part was engrained in us – that’s what he left us with.

On returning to the Super Bowl in 1995…

Smith: We took it upon ourselves, that’s what I mean by Jimmy left us with things that we should own now. He gave us enough of the tools to get us to the place where we know how to train, we know how to compete, we know how to prepare…

Buck: But you’ve got to do it yourselves.

Smith: Yes. That’s part of growing up. That’s part of being a mature football player. That’s part of being a professional football player. And I think at that point in ’95 we started to own it and once we owned it, we felt like we could do it and that team went out and did it, in spite of who was the head coach.