Even more praise for Tennessee Titans rookie Jayon Brown
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Even more evidence that Jayon Brown may be a real factor on the Tennessee Titans defense.

The Tennessee Titans may really have something in coverage linebacker Jayon Brown if the offseason notes are to be believed.

I tend to think that where most media reports are concerned, praise for rookies at this point in the season can be blown out of proportion. However, praise from players is another thing.

Veterans are quick to give rookies general praise or speak well about the class as a whole. When vets single out specific rookies for specific things, that is when it gets really interesting.

Well, in a recent video for the Tennessee Titans website, Mike Keith interviews Brian Orakpo and 5th round rookie linebacker Jayon Brown saw his name come up again. This after already getting a lot of praise just last week.

Towards the end of that clip, Orakpo mentions Jayon Brown looking very good in coverage. Not against just anyone either. Orakpo says that Brown has been sticking with Delanie [Walker] which is something most veteran linebackers in the NFL struggle with.

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but man if the Tennessee Titans have a coverage linebacker it would be huge for them.

Right now, going into the season I have three big needs for them that I am keeping an eye on:

1. EDGE depth

2. Cornerback depth/outside cornerback

3. Inside linebacker

If Jayon Brown can be a real player on this defense, the Tennessee Titans could go into this offseason needing to re-sign a few guys and then only having two real needs.

It is players like Brown and Tajae Sharpe in the 5th round that could be an exclamation point on Jon Robinson’s quick rebuild of the Tennessee Titans. Again, take it with a grain of salt, but the more you hear the more real it seems.

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