First pictures from the new series of The Jump will remind you just how good famous people look in tight lycra

The first images from the fourth series of The Jump have been released, and boy does everyone look like they’re ready to rumble (or tumble).

The world of sport and athletics is far better represented in this year’s line-up than the usual telly personalities and reality stars.

That may be because they’re less prone to, you know, break their bodies into tiny pieces. Who knows.

All of these brave skiing soldiers have given their thoughts on the prospect of doing sport while wearing a garish, skin-tight suit on national TV, but there’s one man taking part who knows little else…

Sir Bradley Wiggins

sir bradley wiggins
Mad, Brad and dangerous to know (Picture: C4)

Cycling god Sir Bradley, 36, says the ridiculous skiing outfit he’s been given is ‘not such a shock to the system like it is for the others’, considering his various Olympics uniforms.

Let’s hope this show doesn’t get renamed Breaking Brad…


Will this TV star end up in Caprices? (Picture: C4)

US TV personality and businesswoman Caprice, 45, isn’t afraid of showing off her ‘cellulite’ on The Jump because she’s already revealed all on that diving contest on ITV, Splash!.

‘Hopefully I’ll be skiing OK and looking hot while I’m doing it!’ she laughed, trying not to sound terrified.

Emma Parker Bowles

Emma Parker Bowles
Emma Parker Bowles’ aunt wouldn’t be seen dead in that (Picture: C4)

Camilla’s niece Emma, 42, was concerned her suit would give her ‘camel toe’ on national TV but luckily all is fine, and she’s taking extra precautions by wearing a bra AND Spanx underneath.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan
Will Mark be Dolan out skiing masterclasses to the others? (Picture: C4)

Potentially quite vain comedian Mark, 42, says his genitals are reduced to ‘Greek statue proportions’ in his suit because of the cold and he claims he looks like he has a ‘beer belly’ too.

Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler
Robbie Fowler is used to being carried off on a stretcher (Picture: C4)

Not one to sit back and take what he’s given, former Liverpool striker Robbie, 41, has been begging producers to let him wear a less streamlined, ‘baggy’ suit on the show.

‘I’m worried about how tight it’s going to be because I’m not as thin as I once was,’ he said. All together now… Awww.

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Mathews
Will Spenny be able to cope with the slopes? (Picture: C4)

Someone rather less lovable is Made In Chelsea’s jungle quitter Spencer Matthews, 27, who says he’s ‘lucked out’ by being given a silver suit that’s completely ‘reflective’.

Shame someone else didn’t get that one so you could look at yourself, ain’t it Spendog?

Vogue Williams

Bryan can’t save you now (Picture: C4)

Irish pop star Vogue Williams, 31, is following in her ex-husband Bryan McFadden’s footsteps by joining The Jump, and now it seems she has her eye on rugby star Jason Robinson.

Commenting on the fact he’s been given a pink suit, she said: ‘He’s got the body to pull it off though.’ Careful, Vogue, you’ll cause an avalanche with that kind of chat.

Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson
Josie’s fitness expertise will be put to good use (Picture: C4)

Alongside more ‘tiny’ female contestants, former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson says she’ll be ‘rocking her curves’ despite the fact the 32-year-old has lost around six stone since becoming famous.

Making fitness DVDs doesn’t make you any more proud of your body, clearly.

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas
No doubt Gareth Thomas is going to TRY his best (Picture: C4)

Welsh rugby player Gareth, 42, says his suit situation is not a concern because he used to feel right at home in his skimpy Dancing On Ice get-ups.

He recalls: ‘By week seven I was going in and wanted it even tighter and even more sequins!’

Jade Jones

Jade Jones MBE
Jade Jones does not get why skiing requires lip gloss (Picture: C4)

Taekwondo extraordinaire Jade, 23, is the youngest contestant and she says that it’s very ‘strange’ having her make-up and hair done to compete on a skiing show.

But she loves her colourful streamlined suit as it makes a change from her white martial arts uniform.

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson MBE
Will Jason Robinson successfully tackle the slopes? (Picture: C4)

Rugby ace Jason, 42, seems to be ridiculously confident already, boasting: ‘Thankfully I’m going to do alright in lycra, so I’m not worried about that.

‘I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape, I haven’t let myself go. I’ve kept a decent shape so hopefully I’ll look good in lycra. We’ll see.’ We will indeed!

Kadeena Cox

Kedeena Cox MBE
Kadeena Cox is not shy about her suit at all (Picture: C4)

Parasports champion Kadeena, 25, says her ski suit is absolutely nothing compared to how uncomfortably tight her cycling gear is.

‘I actually tried the suit on and thought it was pretty loose and not tight enough,’ she revealed.

Louis Smith

Louis Smith MBE
Go go Smithy Rangers! (Picture: C4)

Adorably, 27-year-old gymnast and former Strictly winner Louis Smith has said he feels ‘a little bit like a Power Ranger’ in his suit.

Yes, he’s 27, everybody.

Lydia Bright

Lydia Bright
Bright by name, Bright by nature (Picture: C4)

Unsurprisingly Channel 4 could not resist giving TOWIE star Lydia, 27, a suit that matched her name.

‘I’m orange and blue, I’m really bright, probably the brightest so you’re going to see me from a mile off!’, she laughed.

Maybe orange will be lucky. Lydia’s on-off TOWIE boyfriend Arg had a blue and green suit, and look what happened to him.

The Jump kicks off on Sunday February 5 at 7.30pm on Channel 4.