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Golden tips / These are recipes for positive energy in your home
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Golden tips / These are recipes for positive energy in your home

Feng Shui philosophy says that the walls of our homes absorb all the emotions, both good and bad. It is further said that it is no wonder that folks are getting nervous and unhappy when the home purchases much negative energy. To make your house ready for the joy and happiness, feng shui recommends some of the rules that would affect the regular cleaning and purifying houses in certain ways, but in order to maintain balance of positive and negative energy. Of course, all these folks need to do to enjoy your stay in your home. According to feng shui, the room you are staying in your house should be clean and tidy, to eject the negative energy and anxiety produced by dirt, dust and clutter. Although often we are not all in the mood for chores, especially for big cleaning, we need to be increasingly aware of pleasure caused by spicy home, so it is important to always somewhat clean your room. Also, this philosophy recommends that the air in the house should be clean, therefore it is recommended that in areas that stay set fragrant plants, as well as other remedies like lavender, sage, Ventilation is, of course, an integral part of the daily routine cleaning. And precious stones such as aquamarine or quartz gives you a sense of peace and favorable atmosphere, the recommendations are that you should apply throughout the year. Recommended is a also home preparation that all year clean negative energy, and which one you can prepared by taking a porcelain dish , put from three to four quarters of coarse salt, and then put in it six Chinese coins and all that fill up with a water to the top of the vessel. Optionally they advise to put time to time clean fresh water in the vessel during all the year.

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