Green Bay Packers: Trust Corey Linsley at Center

he Green Bay Packers offensive line is decent, but clearly has room to improve. That’s where Corey Linsley comes into play.

At one point not that long ago, it seemed like Aaron Rodgers was in mortal danger every play. The Green Bay Packers offensive line tended to let a man through on most occasions, or at least it seemed that way.

Corey Linsley came into the league in 2014, and became an instant star. He was clearly the center of the future, a great run blocker and above-average pass blocker. The honeymoon period didn’t last long though. In 2015, Linsley showed signs of struggle that weren’t there in 2014. Add on some injury concerns and fans were growing weary. Nothing an offseason couldn’t fix though, right?

Wrong. Linsley injured his hamstring, shortening his 2016 season before it ever began. He returned midway through the year, playing in nine regular season and three playoff games—and played well. However, the injury concerns still linger and an inconsistent 2015 season has to still be on the minds of fans.

What should the Packers do about this? Simple—trust him. The ability to stonewall on the offensive line isn’t easy, seeing a center do it as well as Linsley is capable of is impressive.