Indians GM’s 6-year-old son gives away contract scoop during adorable on-air interview
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Indians general manager Mike Chernoff has put together a fun, young roster over the last several seasons, and it’s understandable that he would want to lock up a lot of that young talent for the future.

As for his plans to do so, I doubt he imagined he’d have to worry about his six-year-old son, Brody, leaking the negotiation details.

During an interview with Indians radio broadcaster Tom Hamilton during a spring training game, young Brody shyly answered a few questions before dropping a bombshell — that his father was trying to sign shortstop Francisco Lindor to a seven-year deal.

Tom Hamilton: Let me ask you, just between us and all the people listening. Dad had any phone calls lately? Who’s he trying to get? Because he won’t tell us. Can you?

Brody Chernoff: He’s trying to get Lindor to play for seven more years.

Hamilton and the others in the booth burst into laughter, saying it was the first scoop they’d gotten.



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