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JUST IN – Trump Reveals His Plan to Make Mexico Pay for the Wall in 12 Months. Will It Work?
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President Donald Trump is determined to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Some argue that it can’t be done, but they don’t know Trump.

Trump is planning to tax the billions of dollars that are sent to Mexico from the U.S. by Mexicans, both legal and illegal, via Washington Examiner.

Mexicans in this country send around $24 billion to their Mexican friends and family each year. These are called “remittances,” and a tax on them would make some substantial funds. Even a low rate of ten percent could pay for the wall to be partially built.

During his campaign, Trump stated that a “one-time payment” of around $10 billion could work though I doubt Mexico would be able to scrape up that money, at least not in one payment.

Kausha Luna of the Center for Immigration Studeis (CIS) stated about the Mexican people, “According to data from the Bank of Mexico (the country’s central bank), four of the top ten receiving municipalities (Puebla, Morelia, Leon, and San Luis Potosi) are located in states with the highest dependence on remittances, as a percent of their GDP.”

She continued, “Moreover…the flow of remittances leads many to stop working, and then they sustain themselves with the money coming from the United States.”

But it’s not the job of the United States to sustain the Mexican people. It’s not right for a Mexican to come and take a job here, so that Mexicans who are back home don’t have to work in their own job.

The Mexican people may be suffering, but that’s because of the lack of effort from their government. They let their country be run by drug cartels and criminals. I don’t blame any Mexican citizen for wanting to leave this dire state — I just want them to do it legally.

One thing the Mexican president should realize is that the wall will benefit both countries — people will be forced to stay in Mexico and work, adding fuel to the engine of their economy. President Nieto needs to accept that one way or another, the wall is going to be built, and he best get on board.

If the Mexican government refuses to compromise, then they could very well end up like Greece, with a broken economy. The peso is already dropping fast, and they can’t afford to do much else other than follow along with Donald Trump.

The Mexican people need to get used to getting up and working once again and to stop piggybacking off American jobs. It’s time that the Mexican people work for their own country. Trump wants to discourage people from freeloading in America too! Liberals across the globe, it’s not the government’s responsibility to give you money — you are capable of earning it yourself.

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