Kevin Walters’ return to Brisbane Broncos is a story of biblical proportions
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THE return of Broncos’ prodigal son Kevin Walters to sitteth at the right hand of Wayne Bennett, coach almighty, maker of sevens of worth, is the latest chapter in a saga of biblical proportion.

We all know the gospel thus far. Kevvie’s relationship with Wayne since being cast into the wilderness 12 years ago has had more ups and downs than Noah’s ark at high tide.

So where will it all end this time around?

To hear Wayne tell it, Kevvie’s reincarnation at Red Hill was all part of a divine plan.

To which Kev could say, “I wish you’d told me that when you sacked me back in 2005. It would have made things a lot easier.”

He’d have a point. Wandering around the desert at Ipswich muttering, “Wayne, Wayne, why hast thou forsaken me?” the neon sign above the front door at the Broncos Leagues Club must have seemed as distant as a star over Bethlehem.

Still, that’s what you get for breaking one of the Broncos’ Commandments. The one that reads: Thou shalt not contradict the company line.

Which is what Kevvie did in 2005 when he, along with fellow assistant coaches Glenn Lazarus and Gary Belcher, were shown the door.

The club put out a media release saying that the trio had decided to pursue new career opportunities elsewhere.

Kevvie broke with tradition and told the truth. He hadn’t decided anything. It was decided for him.

For his disloyalty, he was put in deep freeze.

There has since been a slight thawing but when a reported mentoring role with Ben Hunt was abruptly nixed by Bennett last year it appeared he was back out in the cold.

So what changed to the point where Kevvie was not only invited back into the inner sanctum, but anointed The Chosen One by Bennett himself?

For one thing, after Origin, Kev is suddenly the No. 1 coach in town.

This could be read two ways. First, Wayne believes Kev has finally served his penance and is ready to step into his giant boots.

Second, he doesn’t like anyone else being No. 1, and what better way to fix that than appointing Kev his No. 2?

Either way, it’s a good result for Kevvie — if it works out as prophesied.

First, you’ve got the potential Cain and Abel situation of Kev and Jason Demetriou — who thought he was Bennett’s successor — working side-by-side.

Then there’s whether Bennett envisages walking away cold turkey, or taking a hands-on supervisory role ala Gus Gould at Penrith?

If so, how will Origin top dog Kev like having a holy ghost looking over his shoulder?

As they say, the devil is in the detail.

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