Mancester UTD earned double much money from transfer of Paul Pogba

Mancester UTD earned double much money from transfer of Paul Pogba

In the first three weeks of  Pogba jerseys sales , Manchester United cashed 190 million pounds (200 million euros).

Mancester United this summer pay 90 milion £ (about 100 milion dolars) for his transfer from Juventus to Manchester United but if we calculated by the number of jerseys sold over the Internet in the past three months, then the money will soon be restored. The company of sports equipment ‘Sports Direct’ said shirts with the name of Pogba are the most selling in the English Premier League.

In the first three weeks of sales shirt Pogba Manchester United cashed 190 million pounds (200 million euros). Of this money bigest part belong to the German “Adidas” who had a hand in the whole transfer of Paul Pogba to come in Mancester United.

Of sales, however, the shirt of Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic just one week after signing the contract, Manchester United earned 76 million pounds (80 million euros).

The list of 10 players whose jerseys are selling season four of Manchester United, two from Arsenal and Liverpool and one from Chelsea and West Ham. Behind Pogba behind Ibrahimovic, the third and fourth are two players of Arsenal London, Chilean Alexis Sanchez and German of Turkish origin Mesut Ozil.

Number fuve is Liverpool player Brazilian Felipe Coutinho, then six is goalkeeper of Manchester United Spaniard David de Gea, seven Liverpool striker Senegalese Sadio Maneeight  midfielder West Ham Frenchman Dimitri Payet striker Chelsea, nine Belgium’s Eden Hazard and tenth the young English midfielder of Manchester United. Marcus Rashford.

More recent record in this category, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney dropped to 13th position.

In season 2015/2016, according to the marketing agency “Euroamerikas” most jerseys sold in the world Barcelona, 3,637,000 names of Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Andres Iniesta and others. Followed by Bayern (3.312 million), Chelsea (3.2012.000), Manchester United. (2.977 million), Real Madrid (2977000), PSG (2.212 million), Arsenal (2.055 million), Atletico Madrid (1.977 million), Juventus (1.678 million), Milan (1.287 million) …

Football experts in this area in the past claimed that Real Madrid David Beckham transfers worth 32 million pounds, and Cristiano Ronaldo of 80 million pounds, has paid only from the sales of their jerseys.