Manly Sea Eagles saviour Max Delmege to become father again at 72

Max Delmege, the property developer who saved the Manly Sea Eagles from financial extinction, is set to become a father again, of twins, at the age of 72.

Delmege, who injected more than $10 million to save the once-embattled NRL franchise, and his wife Samantha, 33, confirmed the news on Monday.

“What can I say, I’m ecstatic,” Delmege told Fairfax Media.

“It’s something I never expected now at my stage in life. I’ve got a lot more patience now, I’m ready for it.”

The couple, who married at a lavish ceremony at Taronga Zoo in 2015, have chronicled their journey towards parenthood via mainstream and social media. The children will be the first for Samantha, who has spoken candidly about their IVF struggles. It ends almost three years of trying for a baby, including four rounds of IVF, two miscarriages and countless complications.

The Delmeges were hoping to keep the news secret for at least another week, but decided to go public after a family member let slip that they were expecting.

“I also realise I have been very open with my journey so far so there is no use trying to hide it anymore,” Samantha posted on Facebook.

“After 4 stim rounds of IVF, 53 eggs collected, 11 embryos transferred, 2 miscarriages, 1 chemical pregnancy, an operation to remove endometriosis, 1 D&C, an admission to hospital for enlarged ovaries, 1 endometrial scratch, countless Dr appointments, Thousands of needles and injections, over 10kg of weight gain, and 914 days of putting my body, mind and emotions through this journey we can finally shout it to the world.

***We are expecting TWINS [👶] 🏼 [👶] 🏼***”

Delmege, who has adult children from a previous marriage, did a stint as a radio announcer on 2SM after selling his stake of the Sea Eagles to the Penn family in 2010. He now lives on the Gold Coast, where he has reestablished himself in the property business.

“Does this beat winning a grand final 40-0? It sure does,” Max Delmege said in reference to the 2008 grand final the Sea Eagles won under his stewardship.

Samantha, a nurse, said her pregnancy is the realisation of a dream.

“While it’s been the toughest journey of my life to date. I am so happy that despite some of the hardest days of my life I never gave up on my dream,” she posted.

“This last cycle proved my toughest. I nearly gave up. You have all ridden this journey with us and I thank you all so much for the kind words and support through the last 2 years. I was going to wait until tomorrow but I guess I can announce it today.

“My family and friends and Max’s also have been amazing. Max has always supported and loved me no matter what I look like or how sad I was. He is amazing and my King “

Samantha thanked all those who supported the couple along their journey.

“And to everyone else who has been with us on this journey. Thankyou again,” she posted.

“While we know anything can still go wrong and we pray like mad nothing does we are so happy to be adding 2 babies in January 2018 …

“To my fellow IVF warriors. For you I know this picture will hurt, it will smash your heart and I know you will think why not me. I know! I’ve been there so many times. Through so many announcements and tears and heartache. My heart bleeds for you all to be able to get your rainbow baby. I pray more then anything that your time is coming. I am so sorry that I am the one announcing today but please know you all hold the most dearest place in my heart and I am so lucky and thankful for the community where I have made some life long friends.”