Mark Stevens Names A Rival Club Interested In Jake Stringer

Stringer’s future at the Western Bulldogs is “up in the air” – as much was confirmed by teammate Mitch Wallis on Thursday.

Stevo believes Stringer and the Bulldogs had a fairly honest exit meeting to round off the 2017 season, which saw the club miss finals.

“I think the exit meeting was pretty honest and brutal,” he told Triple M ahead of the Adelaide/GWS qualifying final.

“My reading of the situation is that the Bulldogs are quite open to trading him, Stringer’s quite open to staying at the Bulldogs.

“But I think it’s more the Bulldogs’ decision on Stringer.”

Stevo’s mail is that a suitor has already emerged, in the form of Geelong.

He said the 23-year-old is unlikely to want to leave Victoria, having two young kids.

“My mail is that Geelong have been showing a lot of interest in Jake Stringer, and were showing interest well before this story went public,” he said.

Such a move would jeopardise a play for Gary Ablett, who wants to return home to the Cattery.

“Perhaps Stringer is target number one, and not Gaz?”

Triple M’s Mark Stevens believes Geelong has been “showing a lot of interest” in Jake Stringer.