Why the once mighty Hawks have fallen

SOME are saying Hawthorn is still a destination club for AFL free agents, but the desertion of talent off the field could hamper the club’s ability to again rule the roost.

While equalisation, an ageing list and key departures on the field have ended the golden era, a key to Hawthorn’s four-flag, 10-year run was one of the best administrations ever assembled.

It was a star-studded team, matched by an off-field administration the envy of the competition.

But, following a shocking performance against Port Adelaide in Round 11, the SuperFooty Podcast has delved into Hawthorn’s woe.

“Andrew Newbold goes — gun chairman goes to the AFL,” Warner said.

“Stuart Fox goes, gun CEO goes to the MCC.

“Chris Fagan, the gun footy boss goes (to coach Brisbane).

“They missed out on Mark Evans (now Gold Coast boss).

“Clarko (Coach Alastair Clarkson) is obviously the best coach in the AFL — might be the best coach of any sport in Australia with all that experience — but that’s it, he’s there on his own and he’s vulnerable.”

Is Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson gettable by a club like Gold Coast? 

Mick said the Suns could inflict further pain on Hawthorn by making a play to Clarko if it chose to part ways with Eade.

“I mean why wouldn’t the Gold Coast Suns pick up the phone and say, ‘right, here’s $2 million, come and coach us for the next six years’.

“They would be negligent in their duties if they weren’t sounding out the best coach in the country.

“I’m worried about Hawthorn, it doesn’t last forever, and what they built, with all those key people leaving, isn’t it a concern?”

Chris Fagan happy at the Lions, but wouldn’t the Hawks love him back? 

Lauren Wood believes the Hawks are made of sterner stuff and would continue to hang around.

“I just still think they’re just one of those teams and I’ve said it about Sydney on here before, maybe they’re just not going to really go away,” Lauren said.

“The fact that Clarko is there — another two years — we’ve seen obviously what he’s been able to do over the last decade, he’s an absolute freak and he’s incredible at his job.

“Obviously there’s a few older players that maybe if you were Josh Kelly you’d look at that and say ‘well, OK, they’re not going to be there’.

“But they’ve got a multi-million dollar facility in the mail there at Dingley.”

Should gun free agents like Josh Kelly think twice about going to Hawthorn if they chased him?