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Must Watch!! Hidden Video by Hillary Clinton On Emails SHOCKER
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(audio L-channel only 1/2 way thru) Hillary Clinton revealed to be talking about her emails on hidden camera where she appears to admit, on tape, she does not want to use email because of what it might do during any investigation. Fundraising fraud and other issues at work here? The entire investigation by ABC News 20/20 seems to show the darker side of what happens when public financing is not used for elections.

We already knew how bad Hillary Clinton’s reputations is regarding Wall Street money, but this is clearly something she wants to put in her past and was only one example where it was actually caught on tape. Can you imagine all the other examples where it was not?

I’m sure there are more clips as I believe that cuts short and has some drop-outs. I can update is someone directs me to better clips.

as a further note and commentary on the clip, ABC News shows the words spoken by Hillary Clinton in the email clip as the following:

“As much as I’ve been investigated and all of that, you know, why would I —- I don’t even want -— why would I ever want to do e-mail?” she’s seen on tape telling Peter Paul on home video captured at a fundraiser.

“Can you imagine?” she said.

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