Is it news Seahawks’ Sherman has said bad words to Wilson?

With less and less to write about, people are re-hashing that Richard Sherman has said bad words to the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson. Training camp cannot start soon enough.

In an interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson that aired on Sunday, Sherman confirmed he has used harsh words towards Wilson on the Seattle Seahawks practice field. Sherman said in a 2014 practice that he told Wilson, “You (expletive) suck!” This is not news. Sherman was just repeating what he has said previously.

Sherman also said he thought Wilson was “professional.” Clearly, the cornerback does not dislike the quarterback. Also, does it matter if he did?

At least when the Seattle players talk about how they feel you know what they are thinking. Secondly, at no point has a current Seahawks player said, “I don’t like this other guy.”  That is what many articles about the Seahawks would make one think, though; that the Seahawks do not care for one another.

Real life Sherman

Sherman may prefer to have dinner with friend and fellow Stanford graduate Doug Baldwin. Because he likes Baldwin does not mean he dislikes Wilson.

Professional athletes say many things on the practice field and even in games. These people are young and competitive and do physically demanding things. Many times what is said while playing their sport is not meant to be a personal critique but to motivate.

Is it not time to move on to football matters and less the he-said-he-said nonsense? The Seahawks will be just as good if no one talks versus if everyone speaks.