Mancester UTD earned double much money from transfer of Paul Pogba

    In the first three weeks of  Pogba jerseys sales , Manchester United cashed 190 million pounds (200 million euros). Mancester United this summer pay 90 milion £ (about 100 milion dolars) for his transfer from Juventus to Manchester United but if we calculated by the number of jerseys sold over the Internet in the past […]

    Ronaldo son has made his first football debut but not for Real Madrid

      Cristiano Ronaldo has made himself synonymous with La Liga giants Real Madrid, after making his name with the club following several title wins and Champions League successes, becoming one of the best players in the world. However, it appears that this trend may not run in the family after his son – Cristianinho – […]

    Ronaldo revealed which club has the best attack in Europe

    The best player of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interesting statement in which he revealed the name of the club who thinks he has the best attack in Europe. It is not Bayern Munich, Barcelona or Manchester United, but the Italian champions, Juventus.            “Juventus progress from year to year. […]

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    Three killed and 12 wounded in a shooting in Los Angeles

    Three people were killed and twelve others were wounded in a shootout after an altercation early Saturday morning local time to a party in Los Angeles, police said. The shooting took place in southwestern Los Angeles, in a building which served as a makeshift restaurant where about 50 people attended the party, said the representative […]

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    VIDEO: Snowden released video of the alien?

      Former US intelligence agent Edward Snowden reportedly on August 21 this year published a picture of the alien whom NASA has captured back in 1964. year. The footage appeared on YouTube two days later and was watched by 720,000 people. Image alleged alien Talk about death, other worlds and nuclear war!  


    Interesting Facts You Did not Know About Grand Master Ozil (Video) German national footballer member of Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil is one of the best players in his position, as his special ability to assists. He always knows how to send a ball at the right time, the right place to his colleagues, but knows how […]

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    10 signs that you spend your life on wrong things !

    Everyone meet different things, but there are some generally accepted things about how you should live your life. In a look at these 10 signs that will help you determine if you spend your time on a completely wrong things. 1. Often object  Often appeal of the job, the boss, salary, friends or spouse? If […]