Numbers Released on How Many Illegals Obama and Bill Clinton Deported… Liberals SHOCKED

If I told you to pick a president from our last three that deported the most illegals, who would you pick: Obama, Bush, or Clinton?

The correct answer is Obama, plus he has actually deported more illegals than both Clinton and Bush combined! Together, though, Clinton and Obama deported almost 4 million illegals! 

These numbers are staggering for a variety of reasons.

First, Clinton talked a tough game as president, but it is clear now he did not do nearly enough to get rid of the illegals in this country.

That is further backed up by the amount of dreamers we currently have in our country, many of whom are probably children of the very illegals Clinton allowed to stay here years ago.

The growing problem of illegals is also told by these numbers, as we see Bush deport over 100 percent of Clinton’s number while Obama deported close to 50 percent more than Bush.

But, the most telling of all is the front the Obama administration put on about how friendly it was to illegals, even though over three million were sent packing during Obama’s tenure in office. Normally, I would applaud the effort to continue what Bush kicked into high gear, but the hypocrisy of this number is the true story.

Secretly, even Obama saw this as a problem, but, clearly, it was not something he wanted celebrated because he knows it would hurt his base and his endless stream of money from progressives and the likes of George Soros.

Illegal immigration is clearly a problem and now that liberals know the truth, perhaps they can finally admit Trump is right and something has to be done to get this under control.

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