Packers came very close to signing Patriots WR Julian Edelman

The Green Bay Packers came very close to signing one of the most clutch receivers in the NFL.

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman was on the NFL Network on Tuesday night and he talked about how was going to sign with the Packers as a rookie free agent in 2009. Edelman, who was a quarterback at Kent State, was not invited to the Scouting Combine that year. So he went through a number of workouts during his Pro Day in front various NFL teams.

The Patriots were one of the teams at Edelman’s Pro Day and they wanted to see if could be a running back and punt returner. However, after the Pro Day, the Patriots did not invite Edelman to visit their facility, which made him think they didn’t like him.

The Packers are now in the offseason and there’s a lot of work to be done to get ready for next season. 

When Draft Day arrived, Edelman was waiting to see if his name was going to get called. When it got to the sixth round, Edelman got a call from his agent.

“I’m sitting there, and all of a sudden my agent hits me up in like the sixth or seventh round, and we had like 10 teams call for me to be a priority free agent,” Edelman said via “We were thinking of signing with Green Bay if that happens, so I was going to sign with Green Bay. We thought it would be in the best interest for me to make the team.”

But then the Patriots made with the Jacksonville Jaguars and they selected Edelman No. 232 overall in the seventh round.

“I get a call from Bill Belichick saying — it started off with this guy Berj if you know New England, he’s like this do-it-all,” Edelman said. “So, Berj, shout out to you, Berj. Bill comes on the phone and goes, ‘Yeah, we don’t know what you’re going to play, but you can play football, so see you in camp.’”

Had the Patriots not made the move to draft Edelman, he would been catching passes from Aaron Rodgers and working alongside Jordy Nelson. There’s no telling if having Edelman would led to more Super Bowl championships for the Packers, but Edelman now has 89 career receptions in the postseason which is the third most in NFL history. The Packers definitely could have use someone like Edleman in the some the playoff losses they have suffered over the years.