The Patriots Are Seeking A Ridiculous Trademark For Their Pursuit Of A Sixth Ring

The New England Patriots, they of the five Super Bowl titles, have filed to trademark the phrase “Blitz For Six,” a slogan someone thought would be great as they purse championship No. 6 next season.

From the guy at ESPN that rewrites press releases from brands:

And last Tuesday, the same day that Belichick chanted “No Days Off” to the crowd at the team’s victory parade, the Patriots also filed to trademark that phrase.

The Patriots have been among the more aggressive organizations in terms of filing to protect phrases they endeavor to bring to market. The week before the Super Bowl, the team filed to trademark “Ignore The Noise.” In recent years, they received trademarks to “Do Your Job” and “We are all Patriots.”

The Patriots are exhaustingly terrible. These are barely slogans, never mind words, the Patriots should own exclusively. “We are all Patriots” is some crap you’d hear at a Nazi rally outside a Trump campaign stop. “Do your job” is probably what Tom Brady screamed at the ball boy when he wouldn’t deflate the footballs at first.

But “Blitz For Six” has all the creativity of an organization that is known for cheating and lacking original ideas. What’s next? Spy For Seven? Deflate For Eight? Never Be On The Level For Nine? Those are for anyone looking to make shirts that the rest of the world wants to wear.