Paul Green May Be Fined For This Spectacular Outburst About The Refs
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Cowboys coach Paul Green could be the second coach in the space of a week to be hit with a $10,000 fine after giving the refs a spray in Friday night’s post-match press conference.

Following a disappointing 26-8 loss to Melbourne, Green said that all the 50-50 calls seemed to go in the Storm’s favour.

“That was the worst bloody refereeing display I have ever seen tonight,” Green said. 

“There were some dead set calls that I had to ask my assistants ‘what was that for?’

“I just thought it lacked consistency.

“I’m not one to shift the blame away from our performance, but I thought the fans deserved more than that.

“There were two quality teams out there and I was left scratching my head at some of the calls.

“Melbourne was the better team on the night, there’s no doubt about it but…it’s just a shame the refs ruined the game.”

Dragons coach Paul McGregor was fined by the NRL during the week for calling the match officials “embarrassing” and “incompetent”. 

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