In pictures: the world’s best steak restaurants


This two star Michelin star French restaurant located in the Four Seasons overlooks stunning Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon Peninsula. Fabrice Vulin the head chef has been named as on of a select few chefs entrusted with the worlds most expensivebeef for one piece beef you pay 700$.


BEEFSTEAK Kawamura Tokyo Japan

This multi-award winning restaurant is considered amongst many to to offer the best steak in the world: KOBE beef which is celebrated fo its big flavour and high fat marbled texture.Dinners pay about 115£ for 120g.

Beefsteak Kawamura

La Maison de L’Aubrac Paris France

Open 24 hours a day a Parisian gem is situated just off the famous Champs Elysees . It specialises in beef from Aubrac cows , an ancient breed which produces some of the most succulent and prized meat in France

La Maison de L’Aubrac

El Capricho Leon Spain

Farmer and chef Jose Gordon is the brains behind  El Capricho, a temple to beef tucked away in the tiny vilage of Jimenez de Jamuzis. Jose sources the best cows available, rearing them for an unusually long time ( an average of five years ) and ages that meat for around 90 days to intensify the flavour.

El Capricho

La Cabana Las Lilas  Buenos Aires Argentina

Cabana Las Lilas combines the best beef with the traditional warmth and hospitality of Argentina.

La Cabaña Las Lilas

Gibson’s steakhouse Chicago USA

Voted best american steak-house in 2015 Gibson’s is a classic American steak-house which prides itself on its huge portions.

Gibson's steakhouse

MOISHES Montreal Canada

Founded in 1938 by a romanian immigrant Moishe Lighter , Moishes delicious steak has attracted star-studded clientele over the years: Penelope Cruz Robert De Niro are amoung the famous face who enjoy dinning here


La Cabrera Buenos Aires Argentina

Situated in the popular Palermo area Buenos Aires La Cabrera serves the most grass-fed beef making it a shrine to steak-purists worldwide.

La Cabrera

Relais de L’entrecote Geneva Switzerland

With a total of four restaurants three in Paris and one in Geneva Relais de L’entrecote specialises in the contre-filetcut of sirloin and its popular amongst locals as the place to get the best traditional steak-frites.

Relais de L'entrecôte


Regarded by meat-loving Londoners as the best place to get a steak in town , HAWKSMOOR currently has seven branches in UK, providing delicious beef and famously excellent service.

The company maintains that the best steaks come from carefully reared native cattle breeds right here in Britain but the prices are fairly reasonable as steak goes : 18 £ for 350gr.