Popular tips for career success should not be listen

There are many people who are willing to give you advice, and many of them can be of great help. However, some of these well-meaning people can direct you to the wrong direction, or give you advice that is useful to others, but not for your situation.

Most concerning career should be adjusted to a particular person, but there are those who simply do not apply to everyone. Your job is to select the advice you receive and discard those that will not be helpful. Although your loved ones want to help you, sometimes you need to bring your own decision. Here are 4 tips for a variety of careers that must regularly receive, but that should be well to consider, and perhaps even to reject them. sdza

1. Follow your passions

This is bad advice if you follow blindly. While it is true that having a job that suits you is a great idea and can help you succeed, just not everything can be turned into a career. For example, if your passion is to study Greek and Roman life, but do not want to be a professor, then you probably should not choose this path. A better idea would be to select a field of work that will allow travel in Greece or Rome or not to study this in your spare time.

If possible, Study and work in the field which interests you, but be careful not to confuse your hobby careers. Photography is a great hobby, and many professional and deal with it, while others scarcely earn to survive. You should think rationally about finding a job you want, but from which can simultaneously live.

2. Do not accept less than we deserveAs previously mentioned, most career advice should be tailored to the person who receives. Well, you should be careful before you make a decision to consider your specific situation, because certain things one can mean one thing and you another matter. If you feel bad job or you were dismissed from your position for some reason, do not immediately assume that no damage. If you’ve tried to work on a new position so you and your boss agree that we need to return to the previous one, this does not mean that you should leave the job.

People have certain skills, and your can not account for some jobs. Also if while you were looking for work, then you are forced to accept a job that does not suit you, you first need to determine what your goals are. If you need money to pay the bills and you are offered a job that pays less than your previous, but I enjoyed it, it is important to look at this offer. Selecting work with lower incomes maybe a bad choice, but do not have to agree with what someone else considers bad. Your situation is individual.

3. Go back to school

Some jobs require a certain level of education, so if you want to get a job, you need to work on it. However, do not assume that higher levels of education is the right response in every situation. While it may help you get better career, however, not the case in all situations. Many employers want experience, so you have more education, but you can not find your way in some situations when you compare it to those who have years of experience, so the whole effort and money to be thrown away for nothing.

4. Do not make risk

There are certain risks that should not really make. For example, not worth to risk the work so that you backbite with your colleagues or you offend your boss, you will miss important meetings or regularly late. But most of the risks you ahead in terms of work are beneficial to your career in the long run.

If simple things quiet and withdrawn, then you will never be able to completely show your abilities to the head, so to get a promotion. Try to always download new projects when the situation permits. Look for improvement even if you think you have less chance to get (but make sure you are qualified to do so). Visit conferences and working zapoznavajte new people. The more healthy risks download, the better chance you will have to excel in your career. Thus, exercise taking fewer risks, and when you feel comfortable you’re ready to download and bigger.

Certainly, any advice is welcome, but you are required to review and determine whether suits your situation and decide whether to accept it or not.