Power Ranking the Tennessee Titans: Part 5

The top 25 Tennessee Titans players; numbers 5-1

It’s finally here… The final installment of the epic power ranking of the top 25 players on the Tennessee Titans roster. The players that will be included in the final edition of the titanic countdown should be considered elite. The players in this top 5 are some of the top dogs amongst their positions in the NFL. Heck, some players considered elite didn’t even make the top 5. The reason the Titans are going to be so exciting to watch this upcoming season is because of their depth. Every player on this top 25 has been a guy that would be able to adequately fill a starting spot on almost all other teams starting roster. There are really not many gaps. The players that have already been ranked in previous posts are as follows:

25. LeShaun Sims

24. Sylvester Williams

23. Taywan Taylor

22. Josh Kline

21. Adoree’ Jackson

20. Quinton Spain

19. Derrick Henry

18. Wesley Woodyard

17. Avery Williamson

16. Kevin Byard

15. Logan Ryan

14. Rishard Matthews

13. Eric Decker

12. Corey Davis

11. DaQuan Jones

10. Ben Jones

9. Jonathan Cyprien

8. Derrick Morgan

7. Jack Conklin

6. Delanie Walker

5-1. Proceed to find out…

It truly is hard to believe that top-shelf players such as Delanie Walker and Jack Conklin would be out of any team’s top 5 players. However, this star studded unit is primed to impress with their depth of talented players and leaders on Sundays this fall. I am going to share my picks, how they got their spot on my top 5 and stat projections for each one. Please comment any differences you would have made. If you are all caught up and ready to dive into the next page to find out who the 5th best player on the Titans is, onward you go. If you’d like to catch up and read more about the previous players and their spots, the links can be found below. Also my Twitter handle, shoot me a follow! Thanks for reading


Number 5: Brian Orakpo

OLB – #98 – 6’4 257lbs – Exp. 9 – Texas – 2015 UFA

Sack Master Orakpo, as they call him in the boonies of Pennsylvania, is a perfect professional football player. Every aspect of his persona is a model of an elite player in the NFL. Orakpo’s passion for the game is unmatched. His intensity on the field is felt by all in the stadium, however, nobody feels it like the blocker assigned to him. His relentless attacks on opposing quarterbacks creates terror for an offensive unit.

Last season for him showed that he is just hitting his prime. His stellar 10.5 sack season wasn’t even representative of his impact on the field. If he wasn’t getting the sack, he was constantly getting heavy pressures or getting double teamed which opens up room for the rest of the defense. Orakpo is simply a master at his craft of pass rushing. His name should be amongst the elite at his position as he has been to the Pro Bowl four times in eight seasons. He is a wrecking ball for the two-tone blue defense and an essential part of the Titans’ ascension into January football contention.

Stat Projection: 11.5 Sacks, 51 Tot. Tackles, 1 FF


Number 4: DeMarco Murray

RB – #29 – 6’1 220lbs – Exp. 7 – Oklahoma – 2016 Trade with Eagles

The AFC leading, 1,287 yard rushing, Pro Bowl going, Chris Harris stiff arming stud running back, DeMarco Murray, is back and ready to slice up some defenses again. Before last season, they said Murray was too worn. They said after being the NFL leading rusher with the Cowboys that he was probably finished producing. Wow, were they wrong. After Jon Robinson made his first splash as General Manager for the Titans by trading for this guy, everyone was pretty hopeful but skeptical. After a mediocre year with the Eagles, Murray proved his doubters very wrong.

He led all NFL veterans in rushing as the only two with more yards were rookies, Ezekiel Elliott and Jordan Howard. Not only did he put up numbers like a beast, he was also a great leader and brought a winning mentality to a team ready to start winning. The 2017 season should be a lot of the same; Murray putting in work on the ground and opening up the passing game. Sparks fly when Murray touches the ball. Sparks also fly when he drills defenders.

Stat Projection: 1,208 Yards, 10 TDs



Number 2: Taylor Lewan

T – #77 – 6’7 309lbs – Exp. 4 – Michigan – 2014 Draft 1st Round Pick

Now, I’d like to start this one by stressing that these players are all just freakishly talented people. People like you and me who have their own set of beliefs and morals aside from the game of football. That being said, I have a little story I’d like to tell about Taylor Lewan, the person apart from the player. When I was 17, I had been at the hotel that the Titans players were staying at before a game in Nashville. All of the players rolled through and I was lucky enough to shake some players’ hands and talk to them. Lewan, however, stood out.

Most of the players were focused on getting to their room to get some rest. Our stud left tackle treated me like he was meeting a new friend. My family was sitting nearby and he took so much interest in me, this random kid in his hotel, that he proceeded to walk over to my family and introduce himself. “Hey, I’m Taylor” he said. Little did my family know that they were talking to one of the best leaders and offensive lineman in the game. His competitive presence and simple people skills makes him doubly as valuable because of how much he makes his teammates the best they can be. I’ll say one thing for sure: the next guy on this list is extremely lucky to have a blocker and a friend like Taylor Lewan.


Number 1: Marcus Mariota

QB – #8 – 6’4 222lbs – Exp. 3 – Oregon – 2015 Draft 1st Round Pick

Quite predictably, I assume, I believe Marcus Mariota is the best player on this team. All bias aside, I believe the media and analysts don’t give this kid the credit he deserves. He has easily been the most clutch QB in the NFL this past season due to leading in passer rating on both 3rd down and in the red zone. He’s been in the NFL for a puny two years and already has a better highlight reel than Joe Flacco, a former Super Bowl MVP.

He has taped accuracy, elite athleticism, smart decision making, and mostly the Flyin’ Hawaiian is all freaking ball. No social media presence, no drama, nobody even really knows what’s going on in his life because he is so focused on football. I watch some of the plays he makes and really believe if he can cut down the errors that come with young QBs with not much experience, he can be an uber athletic Drew Brees. For the first time in his career, he has more weapons than he needs instead of less. I am more than ecstatic to see how he performs. 2017 is his breakout campaign in my opinion.

Stat Projection: 4,084 Yards, 31 TDs, 11 Int, 312 Rush Yds, 3 Rush TDs