‘Romo Watch’ could be nearing its end
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Rumors hint that the NFL owners’ meeting this weekend could spark movement in the Tony Romo saga.

“RomoWatch” dominated the rumor mill for the first few days of free agency, but when Jerry Jones reneged on his loosely stated promise to release Tony Romo at the beginning of the FA period – and then no teams took Jones’ bait on the chance to trade for the veteran QB – the headlines disappeared.

But as the NFL owners begin their annual meeting in Phoenix this Sunday, prepare for the rumors to get cranked up again.

In fact, self-defined Cowboys’ “insider” Mike Fisher believes Romo will find his new NFL home by Monday morning.

Mile High Report has been documenting the saga – as we love to do – so let’s recap where this started and where it’s likely to go.

Rumors about Romo actually started late last season when it was clear the Cowboys’ quarterback was out of a starting job, but it seemed preposterous because Broncos had such potential on offense “if we could just get consistency on the line and a running game going.”

But by the end of the regular season, this interesting stat became all too real for the rebuilding to come:

The defense was trying its best to dominate, but a lackluster offense was clearly the major roadblock to postseason success.

Fan frustration with “10-3-10” (the number of points the offense scored in its three losses of its final four games of the season) suddenly made the idea of a veteran QB palatable.

And voila! RomoWatch was underway.

In the beginning, it appeared Broncos were “in the driver’s seat” as Romo’s preferred team. If John Elway wanted him, John Elway could have him.

There was “talk” of the Broncos trading Trevor Siemian if Romo were to come to Denver, but after the Texans traded Brock Osweiler – presumably to make room for Romo – Elway and his new head coach Vance Joseph have taken incredible pains to tell the press regularly how much they like both quarterbacks on the roster and that they are “looking forward” to an open competition in training camp (ugh – wait, did I just say that out loud?)

As is generally the case in free agency with veteran players who have mixed success and injury history, fan opinion on Romo is all over the spectrum.

Some have been on the Romo bandwagon early because his past success shows he is worth the risk.

Others see the benefit of his leadership and experience joining a young locker room that suffered from having no clear leader while many fear his injury history and price tag would not be worth delaying the development of the Broncos’ two QBs – Siemian and Paxton Lynch.

And still others believe the Broncos truly have the future franchise quarterback on the roster right now (I’ll let you decide which one that is).

But while Siemian and Lynch are busy preparing for the open competition, the future quarterback decision may just be with Elway in Phoenix.

And given that he and Jones and will be in the same building this weekend….

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