Ronaldo revealed toughest opponent in his career: Simply he dont let me breathe

Cristiano Ronaldo found himself on the target of critics after falling in crisis after the return from unpleasant knee injury, but this morning the Portuguese star has decided to send a message to all the haters, but also to reveal the hardest defender that ever faced in his career.

Ronaldo emphasized that he needs criticism and ridicule of the haters again to find the necessary motivation, but more attention attracted his statement for “Coach shop ‘service, which has named the player with whom spend the hardest duel on the football field.

– Over the years, I had a really great battles with Ashley Cole, I will say that he is the toughest defender that I’ve faced. Simply he does not give you any second to breathe. At the pinnacle of his career, Ashley was incredibly smart, fast and difficult to reconcile. I always knew that I would not have an easy match against him – said Ronaldo, especially emphasizing the quality of former player Arsenal and Tottenham.

cole vs ronaldo