Teacher Hands Out Astonishing Flier to FIRST Graders. Parents Are OUTRAGED.

Our young people are receiving liberal indoctrination in schools. Usually, this starts in high school, but unfortunately, the times are changing fast.

Six students, all in the first grade, at Paige Elementary School in upstate New York received this flier, which was intended to educate people on how to “shield” their schools from then President-elect Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Naturally, some parents were outraged.

Photo via Daily Gazette

Photo via Daily Gazette

The school has said the flier was an accident. I’m not sure how that could be!

The note has a great deal of anti-Trump sentiment, and it also asks the reader for help against Education Secretary DeVos because she intends to “destroy public schools” with policies that will only serve to “line the pockets of corporate profiteers at the expense of our students.”

Of course, advocates of school choice, which can often allow a low-income student to go to a better-performing private school, see the matter quite a bit differently. As to how the flier ended up in students’ backpacks? The school has a ready explanation for that as well.

The fliers were a part of a “day of action” scheduled for the day before the inauguration of President Trump. According to Paige Elementary School officials, the fliers were originally meant to be passed out directly to parents when they came to pick up their kids.

“She was handing the flier out thinking it was something that was supposed to go home with students,” district spokeswoman Karen Corona said to a Schenectady newspaper, implying a teacher did so.

Either way, many parents were appalled at the school’s behavior. “I was shocked that there was material that was being handed to my kid that blatantly creates division between my son and his president,” one parent said. “My six-year-old just saw a big headline at the top that said he needs to shielded from his president.”

Could it have been an honest mistake? Sure. However, even as an honest mistake, it is a problem. Why should my taxpayer dollars be going to a government institution that promotes a leftist viewpoint? What about supporters of school choice? What about supporters of President Trump? It seems the school has forgotten these people exist.

The fact that a liberal school would go so far to oppose the president really opens up a can of worms. It creates further division, and that is not what this country is about.

Do you remember when conservatives were sent letters home from their churches and private institutions about the dangers of President Obama? You don’t? Well, the reason you don’t is because it didn’t happen. Even when we are diametrically opposed to the worldview of our president, we still respect the voting process and the right of people to disagree with us. Liberals apparently don’t.

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