Ten facts about the richness of Pablo Escobar: Monthly spent 2,500 on rubber bands needed to hold stacks of bills together.

       King of Colombian cocaine was a poor farmer, but 35 years ago he became the richest man in the world.


Despite modest beginnings, Pablo Escobar became a leader of the cartel Melin, who kept under control 80 percent of the world’s cocaine market.

El Patron weekly cashed about $ 420 million, making him one of the richest drug dealer of all time.

Although the precise estimate of his wealth is impossible, because of the nature of his work, it is estimated that over the life earned about 30 billion dollars.

We present some facts about his vast wealth.

  1. Towards the middle of the 80s of last century cartel Escobar earned 420 million dollars a week, or $ 22 billion a year.
  2. Escobar was at the international list of billionaires the magazine “Forbes” seven consecutive years – from 1987 to 1993. Proclaimed a seventh richest man in the world in 1989.

  3. By the end of the 80s of the last century it held 80 percent of the world’s cocaine market.

  4. Smuggling 15 tons of cocaine into the United States every day. According to the writing of journalist Juan Grillo Medellin cartel smuggle cocaine mainly through Florida.

    – It was a long route around 1,500 kilometers from northern Colombia to Florida and was wide open. Colombians and their American associates threw massive amounts of cocaine into the sea, from where boats or even planes reproached Florida, says Grillo.

  5. In other words, four out of five Americans at the time shmrkale cocaine supplied in the range of El Patron.

  6. King of cocaine every month marked a 2.1 billion-dollar losses. Escobar’s vast wealth to become problematic when he could no longer wash cache fast enough. He began burying huge amounts of money to the Colombian fields, hiding them in warehouses and in the walls of the houses of the members of the cartel.

    According to Roberto Escobar, chief accountant of the cartel and brother Pablo, he earned so much that every year about 10 percent otpishuvale money because they ate rats or were damaged by moisture.

  7. Each month he spent about $ 2,500 on rubber bands tying his money.

  8. Son Pablo, Juan Pablo, who later changed his name to Sebastian Marokin, once told that his father burned two million dollars to warm themselves his children.

  9. He got the nickname “Robin Hood” after he began to shared money and build houses for the homeless. And built 70 public soccer fields and a zoo.


  10. After being sentenced to prison, he entered into an agreement with Colombia to serve his sentence in a luxury prison, which he built. He designed his prison, which he named “Cathedral” and choosed prisoners who could be there with him. Also continued to carry out its work in the cartel and to receive visits.

    “Cathedral” was equipped with a football pitch, a garden with grills, and nearby was located villa where his family lived. The Colombian authorities have not been granted access to five miles from the prison.