Tennessee Titans Should Bring Back Alterraun Verner
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Going into the offseason, the Titans had a few glaring holes on the roster. One of those holes was at cornerback.


Think back to 2013; the Tennessee Titans finished an underwhelming 7-9 and it was the final season of Mike Munchak’s head coaching career (yes that prediction is out there, he will not be a head coach again). Not much went well for the Titans that season, but there was one player that wishes he could go back to that season and play it over and over again. His name is Alterraun Verner. Do you remember him? Of course you do! He was great that year and was even elected to the Pro Bowl. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for players the Titans drafted. Verner took advantage of that Pro Bowl season and cashed in. For the last three seasons, the former UCLA product was a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. That basically is all you need to know about the last three seasons of Verner’s career.

The player that Titans fans grew to enjoy did not perform the way he did in Nashville. Now Verner sits at home as a free agent looking for a new team. Maybe an old team would be a better choice, though. Although the Tennessee Titans signed Logan Ryan already this offseason, they can still use some more help at cornerback. Verner is looking to regain his Pro Bowl status. The last time he played at that level was in Nashville. Verner and the Titans seems like a marriage made in heaven, doesn’t it?


Is this really a good idea?

Jon Robinson and the rest of the Titans staff are certainly doing their jobs, which includes reaching out to the options they feel may help the team. Verner should at least be worth a phone call and workout. He has proven to have had success in Nashville and is unsigned. At the age of 28, he is not at the point where his legs are a major concern. There is still a lot of good football left in Verner. Nashville may be the place that Verner feels comfortable and can regain his top form. He also could come at a cheap price.

Money is really the name of the game when it comes to free agents. The Titans need to find maximum value for as little money as possible. That is really a way to achieve success. Verner earned a contract with the Buccaneers and he now does not have a job. In steps the Titans with an incentive based contract and this could really work. The Titans really have nothing to lose and neither does Verner.

Hopefully, the Titans will make a move for their former star. He would be a welcome addition to the team and a good veteran presence to the young players on the roster. Overall, the team still needs secondary help and a veteran presence cannot hurt.


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