Is this the Tennessee Titans “Jenga piece”

Everyone probably remembers the game Jenga from your childhood. Keep pulling out blocks pieces until the tower falls.

Why Taylor Lewan is a great candidate to be the Tennessee Titans “Jenga piece”.

Over the last few years Dave Dameshek and others at NFL Media have talked about the Jenga piece theory. Of course, this means that a NFL team’s Jenga piece is the one non quarterback that would collapse a team most if they were injured, traded, cut, etc.

When it came up, the four-man group of Dameshek, Daniel Jeremiah, Matt “Money” Smith, and Bucky Brooks came up with a lot of names for who could be the Titans Jenga piece.

Ultimately, Taylor Lewan ended up as the final answer to who could be the Titans Jenga piece.

First of all, congratulations to Lewan. When he was injured last year people wanted to pile on and ignore all his flashes of dominance he had shown before. Well, there is no more of that now.

He is a legit top-5 left tackle in the NFL and going forward the argument is really between he and Tyron Smith for the best young left tackle in the NFL.

However, I think if you are really going to pick a Jenga piece Lewan may not be the right guy. Dennis Kelly is a capable left tackle as he showed against Green Bay last year.

The other option would be to move Quinton Spain over to left tackle and put Corey Levin at the left guard spot. I think that is something that the Titans could look at.

So, you have options behind Lewan. Where I don’t think you have any real options is behind Brian Orakpo.

The Titans worst nightmare is losing Orakpo because they have no one like him on the roster. There is no other athletic pass rusher on this team who can rush against left tackles with speed, power and technique.

Kevin Dodd and Derrick Morgan are guys who do better with their hands in the ground, and both rush off the right side predominantly anyway. Someone like Victor Ochi or Josh Carraway has to step up and they would have to become full time starters.

Jurrell Casey has guys like Karl Klug, Angelo Blackson and Austin Johnson who I believe could all be decent starters even if they don’t have the pop of Casey.

It is the pass rush depth that has terrified me on this team and their chances of a playoff run. They need to stay healthy and productive if this defense is going to hang with this offense to make a team without real weak spots.