Why the Tennessee Titans will beat the Colts in 2017

Here’s why the Titans will finally beat the Colts in 2017

The last time the Tennessee Titans have beaten the Indianapolis Colts was in October of 2011. The Colts have won eleven straight games against the Titans. During the 2016 season, the Colts beat the Titans 34-26, and in their second meeting of the season the Colts beat the Titans 24-17. Now, I’m sorry for opening up old wounds when there is so much to be excited for this offseason, but the good news is that the eleven game win streak is about to come to a screeching halt. There are many reasons for this and below I have listed a few.

This is a deep draft class at various positions, however it is not deep enough for the Colts to address all of their needs. The offensive line needs improvement for the Colts aside from Ryan Kelly and Anthony Castonzo. On the defensive side of the ball, Vontae Davis is the only solid defender. This draft class will offer plenty of help for the Colts, but the team will still have gaping holes to exploit.

The Titans on the other hand have only a few needs to address. A true number one receiver, another cornerback, depth at the pass rusher position, and depth at free safety, all of which can be addressed in the draft or through the few gems left on the open market. With a franchise quarterback, one of the best offensive line units, an elite tight end, a borderline-elite running back, and Dick LeBeau calling defensive plays, the Titans will be hard to beat.

In free agency, the Colts lost Mike Adams, Erik Walden, D’Qwell Jackson, Trent Cole, and traded away Dwayne Allen. All of these players are either old or not very good, but they all played a big role for the Colts. The good news for the Colts is they were able to resign Darius Butler, who is a decent defensive back. The Colts also signed Jabaal Sheard, who should boost the pass rush, and John Simon who is a bit of an unknown and could be an under the radar signing that could pay off. The Colts also signed a few former Titans in Brian Schwenke, Al Woods, and Sean Spence, all of which the Titans let walk. Schwenke will have a chance to compete for a starting job and possibly win. Schwenke is a good depth player, but not the kind of player you want starting week in and week out. Woods will most likely be a starter, something that the Titans shouldn’t have any worries about as they cut him. Spence should have a substantial amount of playing time as well, and the Titans shouldn’t have any problems blocking him.

The Titans in free agency took a big step forward by signing Logan Ryan, which should make it harder for Andrew Luck to complete so many passes. The Titans mostly played free agency conservatively, but improved the team by doing so.

So, on paper, the Titans should beat the Colts, but the game still has to be played. If the Titans were to lose to the Colts it wouldn’t be due to a lack of talent, it would be from luck (not the quarterback) or better coaching and play calling. With all this being said, the Colts win streak should be coming to an end, and the Titans should be gearing up to start their own.